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Adoration of the Trinity

I composed this for a local church magazine

Loving the Divine Nature

(Inspired from some of the writings of John Duns Scotus on the nature of God as Trinity)

 The highest praise and purpose of our life is to love Thee above all other things.

For Thou art to be loved, as it is written “God is to be loved” and “Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all of thy heart and strength”

For Thou Uncreated Being, before this mighty Cosmos came to exist billions of years ago, did exist as the Most Perfect and the highest Good.

From Thee Most Original, from Thy Most Divine Essence and nature and Being, did produce two most wonderful and everlasting Products;

The First, Thy Word, to Him Thou art as a Father and Mother and to Thee the Word is Thy Son, who comes to take on our flesh and live among us, and thus to show us the way to Thy Self and Thy Glory, and to show us all Good.

To the Second, breathed from Thy Essence, is Thy Spirit and from Thee it is Most Holy, who comes to live inside us, to inspire our thoughts with most heavenly and most noble attitudes and life.

And we are to love Thee in Thy Three-fold nature with the uttermost love that we can give, because Thou in Thy Essence cannot be surpassed, and there can never be anything better we can ever know or possess.

And when we love Thee in above all things, we are drawn to Thee along with all others who most truly love Thee, and in loving Thy Essence and Nature we find unity with all the same who love Thee.

Then it is fulfilled that we love Thee with our whole being and our neighbours in Thy Love, like ourselves.

Then in this loving we may show Thee to the world.